Wednesday, April 9, 2014

The Invaders Are Coming

Here to invade your space, is Candiria’s new release “The Invaders”. This is the band’s first new release in over 6 years. Available in 7-inch vinyl, presales are currently in progress through Giant MKT. The official release date is set for April 29th, 2014 digitally, world wide through Rising Pulse Records. Let’s talk art. The artistic concept for the 7-inch was an abstract one. The artwork was created by John LaMacchia. The inspiration for the art was the title track itself: “The Invaders”, originally written by Iron Maiden, and completely reinvented by Candiria. John shot some photos one night at Little Field music venue and art gallery in Gowanus, Brooklyn. He used a technique known as “Light Painting”. This is where the camera is handheld with light shining directly into the lens. When rapid movements are made, this creates trails of light. This must be done at a low shutter speed. John sent one of the shots he took to bassist Michael MacIvor, who then concluded that the images resembled either that of sperm or hookworms, both of which may be interpreted as invaders in one way or another. How appropriate. Thus we give you: “The Invaders” in all its glory. Here is the original image that was used for the cover art Here is what was done with it Here are some other shots John took at Little Field that day by Bernadette Lords

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Kjeff donohue said...

Candiria continues to raise the standard that every other band should try to reach. I cannot wait for this to be released. People who have never heard of candiria, even people who don't even listen to metal, can always appreciate the quality that separates candiria from the drowning pool of standard metal bands that, quite frankly bore me to death. Candiria stands out as one of a handful of bands that recreates a genre, a sound, a theme, in music that every other band is either too afraid to do, or simply is not talented enough to. Candiria inspires, elevates, and continuously improves not just in the face of the music industry, but also in the face of conformity. Thank you candiria. We, your fans, miss you.